Sports massage is NOT just for sports people!

Sports Massage is available at both Talke and Stoke clinics!

“Sports Massage? That’s for sports people right?” Short answer… NO!


I know, I would be confused too. It is called sports massage after all! But believe it or not sports massage can be for anybody. We see lots of sports massage clients at our clinics in Stoke and Talke, who aren’t sports people. In fact arguably it may be great for problems that sports people don’t usually suffer from.

“Arh, you mean aches and pains etc?”

Well, yes, but not just this. For example, it can lower stress, according to research done by Cady and Jones in 1997. Stress is linked to lots of health issues from IBS to high blood pressure, increased risk of heart attacks and strokes, hair loss, skin conditions etc. Another effect of sports massage is that it can lower high blood pressure, which is literally a killer but I bet you never thought of going to have a sports massage for high blood pressure now did you?


If all this wasn’t enough, we continue into further benefits….

  • Reduces depression and anxietyMoyer et al 2008
  • Neck injuries – Considering the biggest risk factor to get neck pain is actually stress, massage reduces pain and tenderness in mechanical neck injury
  • Lower back pain – The research has covered this too and there is definite evidence to show that it can help back pain
  • Chronic pain conditions such as Fibromyalgia – It is strongly recommended for pain management in chronic pain conditions (Crawford et al 2016) and moreover it has improved many other aspects of life including pain in Fibromyalgia according to multiple studies.


Now before we go onto the sports side of things, we have a not so secret, secret…


We have great reviews for our sports massage too. If you are sporting and want to know how sports massage can benefit you, sports massage can be divided into 4 categories relating to the reason for its application.

  • General preventative – the application of deep massage to give relaxation to any muscles that are found to be holding excessive tension, as tense muscle are more liable to become injured.
  • Remedial  – the application of massage to assist the recovery of particular injuries or specific problem areas.
  • Pre-event warm up  – short and vigorous massage to get the blood flowing within the muscles, applied before the event starts.
  • Recuperative  – to soothe tired and aching muscles after events or hard training to aid their recovery.

Sports massage is effective in for the recovery of muscle following strenuous exercise (Best et al 2008) and accelerates the recovery of muscle function (Best et al 2013).

So remember sports massage is a great all rounder and can help you with many aspects of life and it can also make a great gift, and guess what, we do gift vouchers. Just get in touch and we can sort you out.

Anyway, hopefully this gives you a bit more insight into sports massage. So what are you waiting for? Get booked in!!


The content in this blog article is provided for general information purposes only and is not meant to replace a physiotherapy or medical consultation.

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