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Technology… It moves on and this is also true at Hawkes Physiotherapy

Here at Hawkes Physiotherapy, we pride ourselves of being at the cutting edge of health. This includes being holistic in our approach, by looking at the whole person. This includes areas such as nutrition and psychology but also means being up to date, if not ahead, of the technology curve.

Where do I begin?

knee exercises

Firstly, since 2013, we have amassed a video database of nearly 600 videos. Most of these videos are for the sole purpose of showing our patients how to perform their home or gym exercises correctly.

Click here to see our exercise page.

At Hawkes Physio, we thoroughly assess, diagnose and treat you and as part of this, you will have exercises prescribed to help your problem. You don’t even need to remember them! We will be able to direct you to the part of our website where the exercises are available for you to follow.

Online Physiotherapy:

We also can assess and treat you via video chat.

More information: Online Physiotherapy.

So what other technology based things do we do?

Well, as well as the usual expected treatments you might expect, we also have a Compex Fixx pneumatic massage gun. This is percussion therapy and is great for very specific problem areas. It can help with pain and stubborn trigger points and can help with things like Plantar Fasciitis amongst other stuff.


Another incredible piece of kit is our Compex Neuromuscular Electrical Stimulation (NMES). When you are injured, you are sometimes incapacitated to some degree or another and we have found, in research, that the sooner you can get muscle working again, the faster you can get back to full fitness. So for example, how can you work your muscles hard around say, a knee injury, without overloading the joint?

The short answer is… you can’t! That’s where the NMES comes into it’s own. You can effectively train muscle, including fast twitch fibres but without overloading the joint.


Another problem with injury is something called inhibition. This is when pain or swelling reduces a muscle’s ability to contract. This can be so bad, that in some cases the muscle won’t actually be able to voluntarily contract. This is a major problem, as muscle will waste very quickly in this state. Once again the NMES can get around this problem as it basically, involuntarily, contracts the muscle. This will reduce how much wasting occurs and as an extra bonus, the unit will also improve post treatment motor recruitment and therefore give you better voluntary muscle function, after it’s use.

We also loan out these NMES machines for just £10 per week, so you can continue your rehab at home. This is incredibly cost effective and can help to speed up your recovery process. Even better it will likely reduce the number of treatment sessions that you will need, saving you more money.

So if you have a problem, then simply get in touch with your local go go gadget Physiotherapy practice, here at Hawkes Physiotherapy.


The content in this blog article is provided for general information purposes only and is not meant to replace a physiotherapy or medical consultation.

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Online Physiotherapy

Put simply this is Physio done via either telephone or video over the internet. Skype and facetime are examples of this.

Contrary to popular belief online physiotherapy can be very effective and it can help the same injuries that face to face physio can help. I have helped many people with injuries such as disc prolapses, tennis elbow, neck pain and much more).