Nordic Hamstring Curls

This is an instructional video to correctly demonstrate Nordic Hamstring Curls

The content in this video is provided for general information purposes only and is not meant to replace a physiotherapy or medical consultation.

Step by Step

  1. Nordic hamstrings curls are an excellent exercise for your hamstrings some evidence has found that performing them reduces the incidence of hamstring injury recurrence by 85%.
  2. It is a good exercise for knee rehabilitation especially for anterior cruciate ligament repairs at the appropriate time in their rehab.
  3. In a kneeling position either get a partner to hold your ankles or trap your feet under something secure to fix your shins down.
  4. Next slowly lean forwards from your knees, while keeping your back in a neutral position.
  5. Go as far out as you are able to come back from
  6. Then return to the start position
  7. This is a challenging exercise, the progression will be your ability to go further out or down
  8. This exercise is about building up the reps you can do well
  9. Perform as many as possible with good technique and repeat for 4 sets with at least 3 minutes between sets.
  10. Perform the routine 3 times per week

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Online Physiotherapy

Put simply this is Physio done via either telephone or video over the internet. Skype and facetime are examples of this.

Contrary to popular belief online physiotherapy can be very effective and it can help the same injuries that face to face physio can help. I have helped many people with injuries such as disc prolapses, tennis elbow, neck pain and much more).