Modified Lumbar spine (Lower Back) mobility exercises

This is an instructional video to correctly demonstrate Modified Lumbar spine (Lower Back) mobility exercises. This is for people who struggle with the normal version: General Lumbar Spine Range Of Movement Exercises.

If you need more than just exercises then you may benefit from Physiotherapy, Sports Massage or Acupuncture too.

The content in this video is provided for general information purposes only and is not meant to replace a physiotherapy or medical consultation.

Step by Step

  1. If you need to improve the general range of movement in your Lumbar spine but you struggle to get into the classic positions for the traditional ones then this is an excellent group of exercises as they are easier to do for people with mobility issues
  2. Remember these exercises should be pain free during after and the next day. The most that you should feel is a strong stretch sensation
  3. Each exercise should be done for 10 repetitions and you should aim to perform all of these exercises between 4 to 6 times per day.
  4. Lumbar Flexion:
  5. Sitting in a chair, place your legs wide enough to allow your body to move in between them and grab behind you knees and pull yourself down to bend the lower back and the return to the start position. Be careful your blood pressure if you suffer high or low blood pressure.
  6. Lumbar extension:
  7. In standing place your hands on your hips and lean backwards to arch your lower back. If you are unsteady on your feet then you can place your hands on a wall and let your hips move closer to the wall instead.
  8. Lumbar rotations:
  9. In standing, cross your arms across your chest and simply twist in both directions carefully
  10. Lumbar Side flexions:
  11. In standing, lean to the side with no forward or backward motion at all and take your hand down the outside of your out thigh and repeat in the opposite direction.
  12. Remember flexibility takes time to establish so be patient.

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Online Physiotherapy

Put simply this is Physio done via either telephone or video over the internet. Skype and facetime are examples of this.

Contrary to popular belief online physiotherapy can be very effective and it can help the same injuries that face to face physio can help. I have helped many people with injuries such as disc prolapses, tennis elbow, neck pain and much more).