Low back pain relief exercises help video

This is an instructional video to correctly demonstrate Low back pain relief exercises help video.

If you need more than just exercises then you may benefit from Physiotherapy, Sports Massage or Acupuncture too.

The content in this video is provided for general information purposes only and is not meant to replace a physiotherapy or medical consultation.

Step by Step

  1. This video’s aim is to help you if you are suffering with Lower Back pain.
  2. If your pain is confined to the back, goes no further than your hips and buttocks, you have no pins and needles or numbness and have no sudden changes in your bladder and bowel function then this set of exercises should help you.
  3. These exercises should be pushed into discomfort while performing them but should generally make you feel better and looser afterwards.
  4. If you get worsening symptoms or are unsure, then initially reduce the push into the discomfort and if this isn’t enough then stop altogether and consult your Physiotherapist
  5. The first exercise is Knee rolling
  6. Lying on your back with your hips and knees bent and soles of the feet flat on the floor.
  7. Now gently roll your knees from side to the side while keeping your knees together firstly in one direction and then the other.
  8. Repeat 10 times.
  9. The next exercise is single knee hugging
  10. Lying on your back, bring one knee up towards your chest, grab your knee and pull it up so you feel a stretch. Hold for 20 seconds. Now swap and repeat with the opposite leg.
  11. Next bilateral knee hugging
  12. Lying on your back, bring both your knees up towards your chest, grab your knees and pull them up so you feel a stretch.
  13. Hold for 20 seconds.
  14. Next extensions in lying
  15. Lying on your front in a press-up position. Use your arms to push up so that your lower back arches and your pelvis remains on the ground.
  16. Go as far as is comfortable and hold for 20 seconds then slowly lower back down.
  17. Finally side flexions in standing
  18. In standing, lean to the side, taking your hand down the side of your leg. Make sure that your movement is purely sideways and that you don’t bend forwards or back or twist at all.
  19. Take your hand down until you feel a stretch.
  20. Hold for 20 secs and repeat for the opposite side.
  21. All of these exercises need to be done at least 3 times each day. Ideally little and often.
  22. After several days you should hopefully notice increased flexibility and possibly reduced pain generally.
  23. Remember injuries take time to recover and do so gradually so be patient there are no miracle cures.

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Online Physiotherapy

Put simply this is Physio done via either telephone or video over the internet. Skype and facetime are examples of this.

Contrary to popular belief online physiotherapy can be very effective and it can help the same injuries that face to face physio can help. I have helped many people with injuries such as disc prolapses, tennis elbow, neck pain and much more).