Hamstring Gliders

This is an instructional video to correctly demonstrate Hamstring Gliders

The content in this video is provided for general information purposes only and is not meant to replace a physiotherapy or medical consultation.

Step by Step

  1. Hamstring Gliders are an excellent exercise for strengthening and lengthening your hamstrings
  2. It is a great exercise for hamstring strain rehabilitation.
  3. Stand with something at the side of you to hold onto and a towel under one foot to allow it to slide along the floor.
  4. Slowly slide the towelled foot backwards like a front split. This is working the front leg.
  5. Go as far down as creates a stretching sensation but not pain
  6. Once you reach that point, slowly reverse the direction back to the start position using your arms to help.
  7. Perform 4 repetitions for 3 sets in total.
  8. Repeat the opposite way around if required
  9. You need to do this every 3rd day.

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Online Physiotherapy

Put simply this is Physio done via either telephone or video over the internet. Skype and facetime are examples of this.

Contrary to popular belief online physiotherapy can be very effective and it can help the same injuries that face to face physio can help. I have helped many people with injuries such as disc prolapses, tennis elbow, neck pain and much more).